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Sun Hung Kai Properties is one of the largest property developers in Hong Kong. Besides our core property businesses, we also invest in hotels, property management, insurance, mortgage business, telecommunications, information technology and infrastructure, hiring more than 38,000 staff in Hong Kong and on the mainland. A variety of career opportunities are available at the Group level as well as its subsidiaries that span across various businesses. Promotion from within is strongly advocated and practised in the Group and staff are provided with extensive possibilities to progress and grow in their career.

To support our value of lifelong learning and our pursuit of quality, the newly set up SHKP Quality Academy aims to sharpen the professional knowledge and skills of the staff as well as broaden their horizons outside their daily work. Every year, more than 4,000 courses are provided and members of the staff are encouraged to participate with the extra incentive of the recently-introduced learning award.

The Group has been named a caring employer for 12 straight years, and twice won the family friendly award presented by the Family Council since the award’s inauguration in 2011. We strive to maintain work life balance to ensure that our staff gain satisfaction at work, and, at the same time, are able to pursue their own interests and life goals.

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Provides comprehensive information to facilitate mutual communication between the Group and staff in order to build team spirit.

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