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SHKP Volunteer Team
SHKP Volunteer Team
SHKP Volunteer Team

Volunteers visit the elderly

Serving the community

Volunteers use their professional skills to help others

The SHKP Volunteer Team was formed in 2003. The Team has put in over 850,000 hours of service since it was formed. It helps a cross section of society including the elderly, low-income families and people with disabilities. It also participates in programmes to promote healthy growth among disadvantaged young people and children.

A junior Sunshine Team was set up in 2010 to encourage young people to get involved in volunteer service. Members include children of Group staff and those that the main Team has helped in the past and who wanted to volunteer. The teams encourage self-reliance and self-help for the benefit of the community.

The teams are supported by the Group’s management and staff. Team captain Raymond Kwok honours members every year to appreciate their contributions to society. He encourages staff and their families to get involved, to help others and bring families closer.

Team members use their professional skills in many long-term volunteer initiatives including:

Helping Seniors Move

The team has helped elderly residents affected by the redevelopment of housing estates relocate to new homes including residents of Shek Kip Mei, So Uk, Ngau Tau Kok Lower and Anderson Road estates. The relocation programme used the expertise of Group staff in construction and property management to help seniors pick and inspect their new flats and do basic work like installing lights, tiling floors and cleaning. Team members also passed on their expertise to students and volunteers from other companies and organizations to help more people in need.

Refurbishing Dorms for Recovering Mental Patients

The volunteers took part in a programme organized by the Christian Family Service Centre to apply their professional skills to improve the living quarters of recovering mental patients at the centre. They plastered and painted walls, rewired circuitry, fixed plumbing and more. The programme included seminars and activities where the volunteers and residents got acquainted and built rapport. The volunteers taught the residents how to do home maintenance – helping build their confidence and independence – and organized an outreach squad with trained residents to help other recovering mental patients.

Encouraging Children from Low-income Families

The Team and the Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council Tung Chung Integrated Services Centre ran a three-year child mentoring scheme, with the volunteers guiding the children’s growth. The Team and the Tung Wah Integrated Service Centre in Tin Shui Wai ran a three-year campaign to help low-income families in the district. Children in the programme learned how to socialize through different activities and regular interaction with the volunteers, facilitating their personal development.

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