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ICC Light and Music Show new Sky Journey episode presents a sky-to-sea tour to appreciate the beauty of nature


The new Sky Journey light and music show is being presented on the facades of ICC, taking viewers on a joyous sky journey
The new Sky Journey light and music show is being presented on the facades of ICC, taking viewers on a joyous sky journey

Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP) is proud to present a brand new ICC Light and Music Show titled Sky Journey, which includes a ride in a hot air balloon, taking everyone on an exciting tour.   

The show is presented in the form of animated ride on a hot air balloon, allowing viewers to embark on a fantastic sky-land-sea adventure! The visuals begin with a journey over some forests that lead viewers to a canyon. As the hot air balloon glides past villages at the base of mountains, you can see flocks of animals foraging freely across grasslands and streams. The scene is given a splash of colour with butterflies fluttering around a sea of flowers.   The seafront is another place to delight the eye. While sailing boats and ships are navigated by lighthouses and advance over the boundless sea, schools of fish as well as turtles are frolicking in the clear water. The shimmering seascapes during sunset are an incredible sight to behold. As night falls, a sweet ambience fills the air against the backdrop of meteors crossing through the atmosphere and a clear view of the moon. 

Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Retail Marketing and Customer Relations General Manager Cris Fung said: “Spring is the season of liveliness, filled with energy and hope. We show Sky Journey to offer people an exceptional adventure, directing them towards a fresh perspective to view a world imbued with energy and hope.  We hope that Hong Kong people and visitors fly high just like the seagulls in our animated performance, and embrace the rainbow and live a blissful life filled with love.”

Sky Journey plays every night at 7:45p.m., 8:00p.m. and 9:00p.m. on the facades of the International Commerce Centre (ICC) until 31August with synchronized music broadcast on the P3 and P4 terraces of the IFC Mall in Central.  Viewers can download the ICC Light and Music Show smartphone app to listen to the music while watching the show from the shores of Victoria Harbour.

Sky Journey video: 

About the ICC Light and Music Show

The ICC Light and Music Show on Hong Kong’s tallest building is an extravaganza combining music and animated stories.  It is run by an advanced computer programme that controls the LEDs on the building facades to produce spectacular animation.  

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