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Hotel Name Promotions/Events Promotion Period
Royal Park Hotel
Winter Specialties  
Till 2018-02-28 
Royal Plaza Hotel
A Journey of Induglence in Wagyu Beef Cuisine  
2018-01-02 to 2018-03-31  
Valentine's Day Special Cake  
2018-02-01 to 2018-02-28 
Glittering Spring Afternoon Tea  
2018-01-01 to 2018-03-31 
Royal View Hotel
60th+ Birthday Celebration  
Till 2018-03-31 
Spring Dinner & Chinese New Year  
2018-02-05 to 2018-03-04 
Lunch Set  
Meeting Package  
Till 2018-03-31 
Joyous Private Party  
Till 2018-03-31 
Full Moon Package  
Till 2018-03-31 
Delicate Nourishing Feast  
Till 2018-03-29 
Inspiring Meeting Package  
Till 2018-04-30 
Seafood Congee Fondue  
Till 2018-03-18 
Spring Dinner Menu  
2018-02-01 to 2018-02-28 
The Royal Garden
The Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant’s Heart-warming Winter Specialties  

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