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Executive Committee

(Extracted from the Corporate Governance Report contained in the Company's 2017/18 Annual Report dated 13 September 2018)

The Executive Committee was established in 1977 and now consists of all eight Executive Directors and four full time senior executives of the Group as its members, including one full time senior executive of the Company who was appointed by the Board as a new member of the Committee in August 2018. In addition, five senior executives of the Company holding major positions in the Group have been invited by the Committee to attend its meetings regularly as associate members, and to contribute their experience and expertise to assist the Committee in its decision-making process.

The Executive Committee meets regularly, usually once every week. It is primarily responsible for formulating business policies, making decisions on key business issues and policies, facilitating the approval of certain corporate actions and exercising the powers and authority delegated by the Board in respect of matters which arise between regularly scheduled Board meetings.

The Board has delegated its responsibilities to the Executive Committee to develop, review and monitor the policies and practices on corporate governance of the Group and make recommendations to the Board, to review and monitor the Company’s policies and practices on legal and regulatory compliance, to review and monitor the code of conduct and ethical behaviour applicable to the Directors and employees and the training and continuous professional development of Directors and senior management, and to review the Company’s compliance with the Code and disclosures in the corporate governance report.

During the year ended 30 June 2018, the Executive Committee oversaw the daily business operations of the Group and made key business decisions. In addition, the Committee reviewed the Company’s compliance with the Code and the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and the disclosure in the corporate governance report. The attendance records of the members at the Committee meetings held during the year are set out below:

 Committee members Meetings attended / held
Kwok Ping-luen, Raymond 37/37
Wong Chik-wing, Mike 32/37
Lui Ting, Victor 35/37
Kwok Kai-fai, Adam 31/37
Kwok Kai-wang, Christopher 29/37
Kwong Chun 21/37
Tung Chi-ho, Eric 33/37
Fung Yuk-lun, Allen 33/37
Chow Kwok-yin, Eric 26/37
Yung Sheung-tat, Sandy 35/37
Li Ching-kam, Frederick 37/37

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