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Development and Training
Development and Training
Development and Training

Staff development

Regular staff seminars

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The Group believes that staff training is essential for operational efficiency, so it provides various training programmes for staff at all levels each year. Topics include leadership skills, communication, business strategy, China-related matters, customer service, languages, personal development and technical skills.

Management trainee programmes recruit high-caliber graduates from leading local, mainland and overseas universities and provide opportunities to develop their careers.

Regular seminars and workshops help cultivate a strong service mindset and sharpen staff skills for communicating with customers.

Senior managers can attend programmes at prestigious overseas universities to develop global perspectives, and managerial staff attend seminars on leadership skills and business strategy conducted by Nobel laureates, leading experts and overseas academics.

Managerial staff in mainland offices are trained in people skills so that they can effectively lead, and mainland staff take short courses in Hong Kong to learn the Group’s values and practices. Hong Kong staff are kept abreast of the latest developments in China with various seminars.

Staff can get sponsorships to attend external job-related courses ranging from short seminars to degree programmes, and a wide range of self-learning programmes are available through the Group’s intranet.

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