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Clean and healthy home

Home cleaning and health


  • Clean the home frequently, particularly the carpets and objects that easily gather dust
  • Drain stagnant water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding
  • Use rubbish bins with lids and empty them daily


  • Clean kitchen appliances regularly
  • Clean and maintain refrigerators regularly
  • Repair blocked drains immediately


  • Keep the bathroom clean and dry
  • Do not put food scraps or hard objects into the toilet to avoid blockage


  • Keep windows and curtains open for better ventilation
  • Clean windows, fans and air conditioners regularly

Fire prevention

Fire prevention

Domestic appliances

  • Give electrical appliances space to prevent overheating
  • Check the wattage of each appliance before installing to avoid overloading the wiring
  • Do not plug too many appliances into one socket
  • Electrical appliances should be checked by registered contractors annually


  • Stoves, extractor hoods and nearby areas should be kept clean, and only change gas canisters when the stove is off
  • Only store one spare gas canister at any time
  • Gas stoves should be checked regularly by a certified technician


  • Keep heaters away from the bed, sofa, chair and curtains
  • Make sure heaters are placed on a stable surface


  • Make sure the stove and appliances are turned off before going out or to bed
  • Matches and lighters should be kept out of the reach of children

Energy saving

Energy saving


  • Switch off the lights when not in use
  • Use compact fluorescent lamps
  • Keep light bulbs and fittings clean for maximum efficiency

Air conditioner

  • Use an energy-saving air conditioner
  • Set room temperature to 25.5 °C
  • Use fans instead of air conditioner
  • Clean air conditioner filters regularly
  • Air conditioners should be cleaned and checked by contractors regularly


  • Use an energy-saving refrigerator
  • Keep refrigerator away from direct sunlight
  • Allow hot food to cool down before putting it in the refrigerator

Washing machine

  • Use an energy-saving washing machine
  • Always wash a full load. A half load uses almost as much energy as a full one

Water heater

  • Use energy-saving water heater
  • Switch off the heater after use

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