Corporate Governance

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Audit and Accountability

(Extracted from the Corporate Governance Report contained in the Company's 2017/18 Annual Report dated 13 September 2018)

The Board is responsible for presenting a balanced, clear and comprehensible assessment of the Group’s performance and prospects. The Directors also acknowledge their responsibility for preparing the financial statements that give a true and fair view of the Group’s financial position on a going-concern basis, and for presenting a balanced, clear and understandable assessments in its annual and interim reports, other inside information announcements and other financial disclosures. All Board members are provided with monthly updates, including contracted property sales updates, projects launched, upcoming projects, leasing and hotel project updates, major investment projects under development and financial position, which give the Directors a balanced and understandable assessment of the performance, position and prospects of the Group. Management provides all relevant information to the Board, giving the members sufficient explanation and information they need to discharge their responsibilities. A statement by the external auditor of the Company in respect of its reporting responsibilities is set out in the Independent Auditor’s Report.

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