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Customer-oriented property management

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Hong YipKai Shing

The Group is committed to delivering the finest property management service through its subsidiaries the Hong Yip Service Company Limited and Kai Shing Management Services Limited.

Both companies believe in putting the customer first and are always looking for ways to lift their service standards. Hong Yip and Kai Shing provide all their frontline staff professional training, and they were the first with concierge service in residential and commercial developments.

They practice green property management with recycling programmes in the estates they serve and effective conservation measures to save energy, water and resources. They also offer lush green environments for residents with their landscaping expertise.

Hong Yip and Kai Shing manage a number of properties in addition to the ones developed by the Group. They are extending into the mainland market and are deploying an advanced system on the mainland to enable managers in Hong Kong to monitor daily operations on the mainland.

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