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Promoting Green Living

Promoting Green Living
Promoting Green Living
Promoting Green Living

Eco-activities in residential developments

Encouraging at-source separation of domestic waste

Green education at Ma Wan Park

The Group promotes care for the environment through its extensive property portfolio. It works closely with green groups and encourages its staff, residents and tenants to participate in various green awareness activities.

Green Activities

The Group supports events that encourage environmental protection. It has taken part in Earth Hour, an annual lights-out campaign, since 2009 and is now one of the developers with the highest participation rate. It has also sponsored the Friends of the Earth's Power Smart Contest from 2008 onwards. It also encourages employee and residents in its residential estates to participate in events such as Hong Kong Carfree Day, the Ngong Ping Charity Walk, Walk for the Environment and Conscientious Recycling.

Green Education

The Group promotes energy saving and environmental protection in its offices. Its property management subsidiaries arrange environmental protection talks and activities for residents and tenants to encourage their green awareness. Some of the Group's residential developments offer family garden plots, providing families an easy way to get close to nature and learn conservation. Ma Wan Park is a unique attraction built by the Group. Its Nature Garden renewable-energy systems developed with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University use solar, wind, ground heat, hydro and biomass to power some of the park facilities and reduce pollution from conventional power of generation. The systems also collect data for research and promote environmental awareness.

Launched in 2011, the Love Nature Campaign features elements of learning, appreciation and outdoor exploration with events designed for young students in Hong Kong, including coastal clean-ups, school visits, competitions and exhibitions, drawing participation from youngsters and volunteers including those from the Group. The Group also provides training and class materials to teachers for nurturing environmental awareness in small children from an early age.

Against Climate Change

The Group has endorsed the Carbon Reduction Charter proposed by the Environmental Protection Department, and it is a Carbon Audit – Green Partner. It conducts carbon audits and carries out activities in support of greenhouse gas reduction. It also sponsors and has staff taking part in seminars such as the International Conference on Climate Change to exchange views on global warming with experts.

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