Fred Wang
Management Trainee, Office Sales and Leasing (Nanjing)
Year of joining SHKP: 2017

The first year I spent in SHKP was very educational. During this year in Shanghai, my primary task was to learn as a Management Trainee. On the one hand, I was familiarized with the process to lease and manage office properties and participated in negotiations with clients. On the other hand, I rotated through other departments to understand their duties, which also gave me a more comprehensive view of my work and career.

In the meantime, I also prepared for Nanjing’s work with the assistance of my colleagues. The experience of this year not only brought me into contact with Nanjing’s market and clients, developing my knowledge of real estate, but also made me change from a student into a proactive professional.

Besides work, I took part in many activities organized by the company, from which I stuck up a friendship with my colleagues and truly felt the corporate culture of “Building Homes with Heart”.


Felicia Fei Fan
Management Trainee – Retail Leasing B
Year of Joining SHKP: 2015

This fruitful year witnessed my graduation for the 3-year MT program as the completion of the 1st milestone of my career. Currently, I am taking care of various leasing works of shopping malls in Shanghai. The daily work includes maintaining the relationship of existing tenants, to explore prospective tenants for appropriate brand mix, and also to support the routine operation of the malls. We focus on every detail in the daily work, even the selection of a suitable aroma to the mall. Retail is detail and our team always pursue detail and quality.

Our team leader often shares to us: retail leasing is a happy business. Our team is also a happy team, all the cheerful teammates are always working at in a happy and professional atmosphere.

For leisure time, I love travelling, love to see the beloved motherland and the outside world, and now one more, to visit shopping malls to explore more about the architecture, landscape, trade mix and customer preferences etc. Certainly, it is inevitable to spend more money on buying.

SHKP as well as our malls, are providing lifestyle and service that people deserve and also depicting an ideal life to people as a driving force. All is building homes with heart, for a better life.


Joy Ma
Management Trainee, Office Sales and Leasing
Year of joining SHKP: 2013

During the year I spent in SHKP, I’ve grown more quickly than I’d ever had, not least the change from being a student to someone with a full-time job!.. Now I’m working in the office leasing team in Shanghai, which gives me experiences such as client negotiations and communication with real estate agencies. On top of these, I am responsible for the sales and marketing function for our properties, which includes planning for tenant activities, preparing show flats, and more. The job has given me some unbelievable opportunities and challenges, while constantly pushing me to fulfil my potential.

I’m very grateful to my colleagues for their generous support and encouragement throughout the year. It is because of their trust that I could exploit my full potential, even to be given the chance to be the MC for the annual dinner.

Beside work, I’ve recently picked up a hobby – learning Cantonese. I’ve enrolled in the Cantonese class provided by the company. It is my goal to strive for improvement, so that I can communicate better with our Hong Kong colleagues, and further assimilate into the company’s culture.

In short, SHKP has become my second home and I hope to continue progressing at the same time as the company does.


Jason Deng
Management Trainee, Project Management Department
Year of joining SHKP: 2012

After two years of training in SHKP, I have witnessed my growth first-hand. The programme has allowed me to participate in different functions' work, so I can have a comprehensive view of the real estate business. At present my major duties are to look after electrical and mechanical engineering designs and manage the coordination between consultants and designers to ensure the submission of drawings are punctual, accurate and complete.

Outside of work, I am a keen traveler and I travel every year. I was most thrilled when I could travel on incentive trips as staff welfare, just like last year when we went to the beautiful country of Cambodia with 200 of colleagues. It was such a pleasant trip and an enjoyable time!

Central to all of us in the SHKP family is the philosophy of ‘Building Homes with Heart’. I remember there was an occasion when my colleague and I went to inspect a construction site where a worker pasting tiles was not doing it the right way. My colleague then went over, rolled up the sleeves and demonstrated the right procedures, with patience. Such insistence on details has moved and impressed me, and it still does!