Training and Curriculum

The three-year programme provides trainees with the opportunity to gain all-round exposure. The first year will familiarize trainees with the Group’s business scope and the operations of the host departments. Cross-departmental attachments, classroom training, on-the-job coaching and action learning will support development of trainees’ management and functional competence. The second and third years will offer trainees sponsorship to take external professional study and strengthen their professional skills. Senior department managers and human resources and training staff will provide guidance and coaching to trainees throughout the programme to facilitate learning and help develop potential.

Management Trainee Programme

Program Contents
1st Year
Foundation Training
Company Orientation
Host Department Familiarization
Attachment in Mainland Office (Part I)
Professional & Personal Development
Independent Study
2nd Year
Professional Skills Development
Host Department – On-the job Training
Attachment in Mainland Office (Part II)
Professional Study
Professional & Personal Development
Independent Study
3rd Year
Horizon Widening and Skills Enhancement
Host Department – On-the-job Training
Attachment in Hong Kong
Professional Study
Leadership Development
Graduation Project

Remarks: Activities will be tailored to the needs of individual trainees and the requirements of their host departments

Career Path

Completion of the training period will enable participants to assume professional and supervisory roles, and ample opportunities are available for trainees to move along the career ladder.

The exact career path depends on the performance and capability of individual trainee. A typical career path might be:

Career Path