The Group believes that reading enriches individuals by exposing them to different aspects of being and that knowledge drives social progress, so it channels resources to organizing or supporting major reading and educational events that encourage individuals to make reading a part of life. Reading can be a leisure pastime or a way to deeper understanding of knowledge, and communicating these perceptions can build stronger ties between friends or family and stimulate intellectual discourse.

SHKP Reading Club

The Group works to promote reading and holistic development, so it set up the SHKP Reading Club in 2013 as a way of consolidating its different reading initiatives. Membership is free and everyone is welcome to join. Members are invited to events like seminars with engaging celebrity speakers or guided cultural tours to inspire new ways of enjoying literature and make it a habit.

SHKP Reading Club website

i) Cultivating young interest

Read to Dream
Read to Dream is one of the SHKP Reading Club’s signature programmes to develop an early interest in reading. The Club has taken over 10,000 underprivileged children to Hong Kong Book Fairs and reading-related activities to explore the world of books. Children get allowances to buy books at the fairs and are accompanied by volunteers from the Group and St. James’ Settlement, who are always delighted to share their thoughts on reading with young participants.

Read & Share in schools
This is a reward scheme with the Hong Kong Aided Primary School Heads Association that help schools in need to stage inspiring and entertaining literary activities, giving students a chance to read for enjoyment beyond the curriculum. The diverse offerings introduce students to the multi-faceted world of reading and writing in the hope that they will pass the interest on to family and friends.

(ii) Beyond books

Guided cultural tours
These tours present fascinating perspectives to understand Hong Kong and its communities as narrated in literature. Instead of sedentary reading, participants take to the streets and connect with literature by visiting spots of cultural or historical interest with special features in different neighbourhoods.

Explore the World
This is a community initiative by the SHKP Reading Club to promote reading in different languages through cultural exchanges, where less fortunate local children and volunteers meet new friends from other countries and learn about the world in stimulating ways. Overseas exchange students are encouraged to act as volunteers and get more from the city.

(iii) Passion for creative writing

Encouraging creative writing
The SHKP Reading Club organizes Young Writers’ Debut Competitions with Joint Publishing (Hong Kong) every two years. The competitions have helped 41 budding writers under 35 publish their first individual works, and many winners have gone on to become new stars in local literature.

Young Writers' Debut Competition website

Seminars with engaging speakers
Regular SHKP Reading Club talks and workshops feature discussions on reading, writing and creative art with notables from different fields including artists and Young Writers’ Debut Competition winners. The events are designed to broaden creativity and imagination in relation to topics like parenting, economics, culture and sports, appealing to all interests.